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Terry’s Turf Club

A couple weekends ago, Pat and I went out to Terry’s Turf Club, which had been featured on Guy’s Dinners, Drive-ins and Dives. It was a very cool place - more neon signs than Las Vegas, semi-communal seating, retro signs, retro fridge, fantastic beer selection, a very gracious and friendly seating host, and peanuts galore, the shells of which we disposed of on the floor. Oh and they have these famous burgers as well. :-)

We started by ordering some good beers (which came in bottles of the 20-something oz variety). Pat had Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale & I ordered Ommegang’s Abbey Ale. I totally think I won the taste test on that one. It’s a Belgian-style brewery but this is no Blue Moon. If you haven’t tried this beer / brewery, you should. When I lived in upstate NY, Ommegang was basically local, so it holds a special place in my heart / palate.

Back to the topic at hand… the burger comes basic - biiig & thick burger patty on a delicious bun. In this most basic form, you get to pick what you want of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, & banana peppers. (You also get the option of having those last two grilled & I recommend everyone try it this way.) We opted for foo foo cheese; I got the English cheddar with caramelized onions in it. We also each got bacon because, well, bacon is delicious. There are dozens of other intriguing options including sauces, curries, & toppings, but we decided that, since it was our first time, we should stick with the basics.

This burger joint did not disappoint. The service was fantastic - friendly, attentive, and prompt. The great beer selection was an unexpected plus. The scene was completely overwhelming to the senses but in a nostalgic (old school burger joint / diner) sort of way. Oh and there’s a jazz band that came in at 10:45PM on the night we were there. The June schedule posted here. It was a fantastic experience. The quality of the meat / bun / toppings was superb. You could tell these guys were making the burgers as the orders came in. (You could also confirm this by looking at the open kitchen.) But, was it the best burger I’ve had? I can’t say that it was. I felt like there was some flavor missing from the patty. Maybe it needed a spice? Some more fat?

I’ll love going back to Terry’s for the great beer, good burgers, and awesome atmosphere. But, my quest for the best burger in town continues.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!! What was the best thing you ate?

  1. rodiosu answered: Sounds fun!! Better than Beach Burger?
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